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Welcome to Paradise Lawns!

Paradise Lawns is a high end lawn care and holiday lighting company who specializes in organic lawn care and exterior holiday lighting.

We help high end consumers and businesses create lush, green, and weed free lawns in the Omaha area while being mindful of people, pets, and the environment. Paradise Lawns is a lawn care provider who specializes in a better and safer approach to your lawn maintenance by using natural and organic products. We also help to create amazing exterior / outdoor holiday lighting displays to make your holiday memorable.

We started in 1999 offering a variety of services and found that we could do lots of services good but not do them great. We started to focus on just a few services so we could fulfill our mission: To deliver you the best service experience ever! If you’ve ever heard the saying “A jack of all trades in a master of none”, that would describe our beginnings. Fortunately we’ve learned along the way and made changes to focus on being a master of a few services and serve you better!

Paradise Lawns serves many of your friends and neighbors in West Omaha, Elkhorn, Bennington, Blair, Gretna, Papillion, and La Vista.

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