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The BeeSafe way to control grubs while protecting pollinators

May 26, 2020
control grubs while protecting pollinators

Pollinator safe grub control 

Grub control is important because when left unchecked, grubs can wreak havoc on your lawn. It may be tempting to use a common toxic treatment to rid these nuisances. Although this approach may yield desired short term results, the long term risks to pollinators should be considered first. 

If you worry that the commonly used toxic chemicals used by many lawn care companies will also harm pollinators, we assure you that there is a safer, more sensible way. Paradise Lawns can show you how you can have a beautiful lawn without destroying pollinators. Let’s learn a bit more about grubs and what you can do to safely eliminate them from your lawn.  

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How holiday traditions light up your fall and winter

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Oct 25, 2019
Holiday lighting brightens your fall and winter

Holiday traditions light up your fall and winter

The shorter days and chill in the air signal that the holiday season, with varied holiday traditions, is right around the corner. Here at Paradise Lawns, we are transitioning from organic lawn care to exterior holiday lighting. It’s a nice time to pause and  think about how each holiday is unique, just like our customers.  

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Aeration, Overseeding and Topdressing: Fall RX for a healthy Summer Lawn

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Aug 22, 2019

Three Fall Treatments for 2020 Lawn Health

With the approach of fall to the Omaha area, let’s look at summer’s negative impact on your lawn. Heavy rains, extreme temperatures, insects and turf disease are all abuses your lawn may have been subjected to during this past summer season.  Left untreated, the issues will resurface next year once the snow melts. What you do now, this fall, will determine how healthy and lush your lawn will be next year.

Paradise Lawns recommends a combination of Aeration, Overseeding and Topdressing with Compost every fall to address many common issues brought on by summer abuse. Let’s look at some distress signs and what you can do to ensure your yard is at its best next spring.

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Our Omaha lawn care blog is coming soon!

Mar 9, 2016
lawn care blog

Our new lawn care blog is coming soon!