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The first snowfall in Omaha was Sunday, October 14; was your lawn prepared?

No need to worry! Fall is still the best time for lawn care.

In response to the cool Midwest temperature, weeds slow their growth and prepare for winter by pulling nutrients and starches from their leaves into their roots. This means the roots remain active and need excess nutrients so they can grow strong in the spring. When you winterize your lawn in the fall with using simple lawn care steps like fertilization, weed control, and lawn renovation, you help create lush, green grass in the spring and stave off those pesky weeds! Paradise Lawns is your best choice for an Omaha lawn fertilization company when it comes to fall fertilization.

Fall fertilization is like a healthy winter diet.

October to mid-November is the best time to fertilize your lawn and promote healthy grass roots for the winter. Lawn fertilization from an Omaha lawn care company like Paradise Lawns gives grass roots the proper nutrients to grow strong and remain stable throughout winter. When you have strong roots, your grass will be able to thrive in the spring! Paradise Lawns will perform a wellness check of your lawn and determine the right amount of fertilizer to use so that your grass has the best chance of survival through winter!

Healthy grass kills off weeds.

As we mentioned earlier, weeds prepare for winter by pulling nutrients and starches from their leaves into their roots. Because they pull nutrients through their leaves, they also will draw herbicides into their root systems when treated in the fall. Therefore, fall lawn care programs are very effective at killing weeds.

Healthy grass starts at the roots, and our fertilizer gives grass roots the essential nutrients to stave off any unwanted visitors in your lawn. Remember: Paradise Lawns is a certified BeeSafe organic lawn applicator, so your family, pets, and lawn safety always come first.

Dave, I didn’t prepare ahead…

It’s not too late to take action since we already had the first snow of the season! Paradise Lawns renovates your lawn so that the soil is healthy to accept new grass seeds. Did you know we offer an organic lawn care program that is safe for the environment and your family? Call Dave today at 402-612-1527 to get on our schedule for your fall lawn care service needs!