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Did you know that the U.S. spends more money on dollar spot turf disease control than on any other turf control?

Nebraska and Turf Disease…and getting help

It’s been a crazy weather summer here in Nebraska–and these last few weeks of high temperatures and equally high humidity have created the perfect scenario for turf disease.

Like in any other plant, turf diseases are caused when the grass is susceptible to disease, a disease-producing organism exists, and the environment is favorable for disease development. Take Nebraska, for example. We had a decent amount of rain this spring, then it became incredibly hot and humid. Our grass becomes the perfect breeding ground for these disease-producing organisms to wreak havoc on our beautiful yards.

What we’re seeing this summer

We are seeing many occurrences of “dollar spot” turf disease in the lawns around Omaha. They get their “dollar spot” name from the round, silver dollar-sized (or larger, 1-2 inches in diameter) brown patches they show up as in your lawn.

nebraska turf grass help

While most turf grasses can be affected, dollar spot turf grass disease is most common in bluegrasses and bentgrasses. Occurrences of this disease are most prevalent from June to September.

How dollar spot turf grass disease is treated

You can let the disease run its course, but if you are concerned with it spreading we would recommend treating your lawn with a curative fungicide to minimize further brown spots. There are a few preventative maintenance actions you can take, too:

  • Fertilize your lawn as necessary
  • Water your lawn on a regular basis
  • Water your lawn in the early morning hours (see our lawn watering tips!)
  • Avoid walking on your grass in the early morning when it may still be wet from dew or recent waterings

Finding help for Nebraska turf disease

Of course, we’re happy to help remedy your lawn of this type of situation–give us a call at 402-612-1527 or fill out the contact form on this page!