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Lawn Edging

In the Omaha metro, we offer two types of edging services: monthly lawn edging and natural landscape border edging.

Monthly Lawn Edging

Our monthly lawn edging includes the following:

  • Edging Services
  • Monthly visits to keep sidewalk and driveway edges crisp and clean
  • Overgrowth may result in an initial edging fee to create a 90 degree edge

Natural Landscape Border Edging

For our natural landscape border edging, we:

  • Recreate the natural border that was originally present
  • Cut a 90-degree edge around the landscape bed to define the border
  • Recommended edging every time you mulch

For more information on lawn edging, please call Dave at 402-612-1527 or use the contact form here and see what Paradise Lawns can do for you!

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What our clients say:
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Jane P., Omaha, NE
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