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Paradise Lawns specializes in weekly lawn mowing. Whether it is residential lawns or commercial properties, we make sure every customer stays satisfied. We will not leave a property unless it absolutely looks great. We are not the lowest or highest priced service out there; we are simply the best service around the Omaha area. If you are looking for consistent lawn service, Paradise Lawns is your company. If you are looking for professional results every time, we are your best option. We have many satisfied and loyal customers who have used our mowing services since we began our lawn care business in 1999. We provide lawn mowing in Omaha, Elkhorn, and Bennington.

Weekly visits include mowing, trimming around obstacles, edging landscape borders when applicable, edging walks, and clearing hard surfaces of grass clippings. We do not cut any corners on lawn maintenance. Our lawn maintenance specialists have been trained to be thorough on each and every visit. If there is not enough time to complete a task properly, it will not be on the schedule.

Our mowing crews use proper maintenance procedures to optimize the appearance of your lawn. We change the direction we mow every week when possible. This keeps the grass from laying over in one direction, reduces ruts in the lawn, and gives the yard a nice checkerboard look. We sharpen our blades regularly. Using sharp blades reduces the chance for turf disease. Damaged grass torn by dull mower blades are much more likely to be infected than grass cut cleanly by a sharp blade. Another way we help your lawn is by mowing it at the proper height. When you mow at the proper height you can reduce the amount of weed pressure, help the grass develop stronger root systems, and help keep moisture in the ground. When you use our experience and quality workmanship on your own lawn, you will notice results. This may cause you to wonder why you didn’t call sooner.

A very popular add-on service for our residential and commercial mowing customers is ornamental bed weeding. This consists of weekly bed weeding on your landscape beds. We have found that the best results are achieved through a combination of hand pulling and spraying the weeds. If you are using our professional lawn mowing service then why not utilize our landscape maintenance as well. Then you can have a great looking lawn and landscape. This will also save you money as an add-on service since we are already there.

For more information on our lawn mowing services, please call Dave at 402-612-1527 or use the contact form on this page and see what Paradise Lawns can do for you!

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