crabgrass and foxtail control, omaha

Crabgrass and Foxtail are “March madness” you don’t need all summer long!

It’s March, which means spring is just around the corner! Early spring is when annual weeds like crabgrass and foxtail start to rear their ugly heads. Unless you apply a pre-emergent, they will pop up and become eyesores in your lawn all summer long!

What is crabgrass and how does it show up in my lawn?

crabgrass weeds, omaha lawn care

Even though it has “grass” in its name, crabgrass doesn’t have the same texture or color as the rest of your lawn. If you let it get out of control, it becomes aggressive and competes for space with your other healthy grass. It’s also not the easiest to remove by hand, as pictured here!

Crabgrass is an annual weed, meaning it only lasts one season and needs to be “replanted”. Crabgrass is smart, though, because during late fall frost it dies…but deposits its seeds in the bare spots it leaves behind. When spring rolls around with temps in the lower 50s, those seeds start to germinate and continue to take over your lawn. Rain and wind help the seeds to spread…and the cycle continues.

What is foxtail weed and how does it show up in my lawn?

foxtail weed, omaha lawn care

Foxtail weeds come in several varieties, but ultimately they look very similar to crabgrass and the rest of your lawn with one major difference: it grows stems with flowers that turn into thick, barbed seeds (thus, “foxtails” because they look like a fox’s tail) that can actually be harmful to your pets. Other than being an irritation (they dig into your pet’s skin, get between the pads of their paws, etc.), foxtail doesn’t break down inside the body and can lead to infection on your pet’s skin if left untreated. WebMD has some additional information you should be aware of to keep your pets safe!

Foxtail spreads with wind and rain, too, and lawns that are left untreated can be a welcome mat to this pesky weed.

Can Paradise Lawns help me with crabgrass and foxtail control?

Yes! Preventing and destroying foxtail and crabgrass weeds is strategic and necessary to keep your lawn, pets, and family all healthy! Depending on the program you choose, we use different types of pre-emergent for crabgrass and foxtail control:

  • granular chemical pre-emergent for the Professional Plan
  • low-risk liquid pre-emergent derived from the Bottlebrush plant for the Optimized Organic Program
  • liquid corn gluten for the Premium Organic Program (organic!)

The best part? We watch the weather and the calendar so you don’t have to! We put down your pre-emergent at the correct application rate, as well as the correct time for optimum results. Don’t let these little guys invade your lawn this spring–there is still time to keep them away and start your lawn off the right way! You can learn more about our Organic Lawn Care services, too.

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