natural lawn care omaha

What lives inside the earth affects what lives above it.

You know that saying, “You are what you eat”? The same thing goes for the earth beneath our feet.

When we put down harsh chemicals to treat our lawns, we affect an entire microcosm that lives in the soil beneath. While we might be killing unsightly weeds, we are also infecting organisms like earthworms and beetles and so on–all things that make photosynthesis happen. What comes from good soil includes healthy grass and strong trees and, therefore, oxygen that we breathe.

Are there “bad” organisms that live in the soil of the earth? Yes. But the beauty of what happens beneath our feet is that some of these “bad” organisms are just part of the food chain to supply food to good organisms, microbes, and bacteria.

natural lawn care omaha

Think of organic lawn care as “probiotics” for your lawn

Even farmers have learned over the years that if you promote healthy soil, expensive fertilizers aren’t really necessary. Furthermore, we don’t need pesticides when we feed our soil and lawns with good, natural nutrients. Just like probiotics help your gut keep good bacteria that keeps bad bacteria in check, organic lawn care does the same thing with the bacteria, fungi, and insects that keep your lawn healthy and safe for your family and pets.

What you can do to keep a healthy, natural lawn

That’s easy! Use organic lawn care products that don’t kill what’s healthy in your lawn. Ok, so it might not be that simple. 😉 Like most things in life, organic lawn care products aren’t all equal. Leave it to professionals like Paradise Lawns to do the research for you and invest in the best equipment and products to keep your lawn healthy and safe for decades to come. To start, you can contact Dave at 402-612-1527 to schedule a pH test for your lawn! You’ll be on your way to living with a more natural world in your own backyard!