omaha aeration services

Caution: Overseeding your lawn will cause lusher, green grass!

Fall is a crucial time for lawn care because the winter months are right around the corner. That’s right! Do you find yourself driving past a house and slow down to admire an aesthetically pleasing lawn? No need to worry–you, too, can have beautiful aeration stripes! ? Paradise Lawns makes it easy for you to revive your lawn this fall with these three important lawn maintenance plans: our Omaha aeration services, overseeding, and topdressing.

Show your lawn some love with our Omaha aeration services

Your lawn has probably picked up more foot traffic over the summer, so it’s important to keep up with regular lawn maintenance. Our Omaha aeration services are the first step in promoting a healthy lawn. Aeration increases the flow of water, air, and fertilizer to turfgrass roots. The start of the fall season is the best time for lawn aeration due to the cooler air and soil temperatures!

Aeration and overseeding combined result in an aesthetically-pleasing lawn.

Aeration without overseeding is like lukewarm coffee on a Sunday morning; it gets the job done, but you will not be completely satisfied. Aeration done in conjunction with overseeding will allow grass to grow where there are weeds or bare soil. The holes created by the aeration provide protection and great seed-to-soil contact for the new seeds, which is very important for seed germination. Paradise Lawns lawn seed is 99% pure and free of weed seeds–you will not get this with store-bought seed!

Topdressing produces lush, greener grass that will make your neighbors 100% more envious.

Revamp your lawn from ordinary to award-winning with topdressing. Topdressing is the difference between an average looking lawn and the one where you drive past at 5 mph. It really makes that much of a difference! Topdressing keeps thatch under control and acts as a long-term natural fertilizer (and we’re organic, too!).

Want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood?

Make your lawn a 5 mph zone with Paradise Lawns! Call Dave today at 402-612-1527 to get on the schedule for your aeration, overseeding, and topdressing maintenance needs!