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One thing that will make or break your lawn this season

If you don’t start out on the right foot with your lawn care, you will be playing catch-up all season long. Crabgrass and foxtail start to rear their ugly little heads once spring starts to roll around, and if you don’t get a handle on them, your summer could be spent in the yard instead of on vacation! So what’s that one thing that will make or break your lawn this season?

Applying a pre-emergent in the spring!

Crabgrass and foxtail

Crabgrass is that wide-bladed type of weed that looks like grass but is far from it. It leaves bare spots in the fall where it deposits its seeds to grow the following spring.

Foxtail grows stems with flowers that turn into barbed seeds and look like a fox’s tail. They can be harmful for your pets digestion and skin, too. (You can read more about crabgrass and foxtail in another blog post!)

Pre-emergent saves the day!

At Paradise Lawns, we have different pre-emergent options. In fact, we use 3 different types depending on the program you are enrolled in:

  1. For our professional / traditional program, we use a chemical pre-emergent.
  2. For our optimized organic (hybrid) program, we use a pre-emergent called Tenacity derived from the bottlebrush plant (learn why it turns your grass temporarily white here).
  3. For our premium organic program, we use liquid corn gluten.

All three are effective! It just depends on which level of service you are enrolled in.

So, Dave–let’s talk about my lawn care service!

Instead of “breaking” your lawn this season, let Paradise Lawns help you make it beautiful and safe for your family! Give Dave a call at 402-612-1527, or send us a message today. We still have some room left in our schedule to include your property in this year’s comprehensive lawn care treatment plan, but our schedule fills fast so don’t miss out!