save the omaha bees with grub control

Save the Omaha bees…with grub control?

Have you heard? Bees are in a little bit of trouble.

Dating back to 2006, bees have been mysteriously disappearing. In February 2014, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said it would dedicate about $3 million to help protect honeybees from their biggest adversary:


Harvard University released a study in 2014 that showed how pesticides–specifically “neonicotinoids”–are one of the leading causes of the honeybee decline, which is referred to as CCD or “colony collapse disorder”. Neonicotinoids are typically found in corn pesticides. While honey bees don’t pollinate corn, environmental factors like wind and water run-off carry the pesticides to plants that bees do pollinate, thus bringing the pesticides into the hives.

So what does grub control have to do with saving the Omaha bees?

It’s a specific type of grub control that can save the Omaha bees (and bees across the country as well!): ORGANIC.

Grubs are one of the most destructive lawn pests in the Midwest. Grubs are actually beetle larvae, and they grow by eating your lawn’s roots. Beleive it or not, if you have a well-kept lawn, you’re probably at most risk for a grub problem! Using pesticides is part of the typical lawn care program that many companies use for their clients’ lawns.

Our stance on neonicotinoids

Paradise Lawns strives to be environmentally conscious in our business practices so that we can also be family and safety conscious. While other companies are including a standard preventative chemical every year that probably isn’t necessary, they are introducing more and more chemicals into our ground that directly contributes to CCD. We believe these pesticides should be avoided at all costs, especially since there are so many safer options on the market today. If you feel you must use a pesticide, we strongly urge you to heed warning labels (the EPA has introduced new labeling requirements for pesticides with neonicotinoids) about “safer” times to administer those pesticides.

The Paradise Lawns Promise

You can trust that Paradise Lawns is your partner in environmentally-conscious lawn care practices. We are always looking for the best products that are also the safest for not just the environment but for your family and pets, too. While we admit that we were once “one of those companies” who used unsafe preventative grub controls with our lawn care programs, we decided a while back that we didn’t want to be like other companies, we wanted to be different and do what’s right for everyone involved: our clients, their family and pets, and the environment. We believe that if we do what’s right, our business will be taken care of so that everyone wins. We look for ways to leave the least impact on the environment and still be able to provide a beautiful, lush, weed-free lawn. We continuously educate ourselves so we can pass along what we learn to YOU.

Paradise Lawns’ grub control service

We do offer an optional grub control service but only because we use a much more environmentally friendly and bee-friendly option that provides both great preventative AND curative grub control. Contact Dave today to inquire about adding our optional grub control service to your organic lawn care program!

Want to learn more about the bee decline?

Greenpeace has some helpful information you can use now to help play a roll in saving the bees!