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Why is my lawn turning white?

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May 15, 2018
why is my lawn turning white

It’s that time of year again: the phone calls and emails are pouring in, asking us…

Why is my lawn turning white?

I could try making some witty joke about how after a while, your lawn starts to age just like we do (get it? gray hair?), but that wouldn’t be funny OR the truth. Having a white lawn isn’t something to be concerned about–it actually means the product we just put down is doing its job!

What our first lawn treatment of the year does

First and foremost, the first lawn treatment of the year helps green up your lawn and bring it back to life after the dormancy of winter. The second goal of our first lawn treatment is to put down a pre- and post-emergent weed control application. At Paradise Lawns, we only use organically acceptable and reduced-risk (as determined by the EPA) weed control products. The pre-emergent is like a proactive method of preventing the weeds that haven’t had the right conditions to germinate yet. The post-emergent application is to kill off the weeds that have already germinated, primarily dandelions.

It’s in this pre- and post-emergent part of the first application of the year that turns your lawn white…but only temporarily. We use what’s called Tenacity®, which is great for both established lawns and newly seeded turf. So why is your lawn turning white? The main ingredient of Tenacity® is derived from the bottlebrush plant, which actually disrupts the photosynthesis process–thus turning the existing weeds in your lawn white.

Our promise of being more environmentally friendly

Because our goal at Paradise Lawns is to help your lawn be safe for your family and pets, you can trust our use of Tenacity® on your lawn to be safe AND environmentally friendly! We’re doing our part so you can, too.

Dave–I need to talk to you about your lawn maintenance plans!

Awesome! Simply complete the form on this page, call Dave at 402-612-1527, or send us a message. We still have some room left in our schedule to include your property in this year’s comprehensive lawn care treatment plan!

My Dog’s Feet Were Burning—So I Switched to Safe Organic Lawn Care!

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Jun 28, 2017
safe organic lawn care

My Dog’s Feet Were Burning—So I Switched To Safe Organic Lawn Care!

Lawn Care and Pet Safety

It is becoming common knowledge that conventional, chemical pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous for the environment and its inhabitants. They degrade soil, pollute water, and affect the health of humans, pets, and wildlife. read more →

Mosquitoes: are they “bugging” you?

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Jul 14, 2016
Nebraska mosquitos

Mosquitoes: are they “bugging” you?

It’s summer, so guess who is back! Mosquitoes. And with all the extra rainfall we’ve had this summer–they are definitely “bugging” us!

The extra rainfall combined with higher humidity allow for the pooling of sitting, stagnant water–which makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. According to UNL’s Urban Entomology department, “Mosquito reproduction is rapid and a generation can be completed in as few as 5 -7 days.”

What are some of the risks involved with mosquitoes?

Other than making us “itch” for them to go away, mosquitoes are also known for some of the diseases they transmit. Here in Nebraska, we hear mostly of West Nile Virus cases. Internationally, we have heard about their possible involvement in cases of newborn microcephaly believed to be transmitted from mosquitoes to humans through the Zika virus.

Locally, they are more of a nuisance than anything, but most people want to protect their family from any possible mosquito-borne diseases they may be carrying. Therefore, it’s important that you control the mosquito population near your home to reduce risks.

How do we fight mosquitoes?

First of all, it’s important to routinely spray for mosquitoes. You can purchase from a variety of yard barrier chemicals at your local hardware or garden store, but these chemicals are often unsafe for children and pets.

Beginning routine sprays earlier in the season controls breeding and thus reduces population. Here at Paradise Lawns, we now offer a Mosquito Control Program as part of our Organic Lawn Care. We target where mosquitoes live and breed–killing existing mosquitoes and repelling new ones from your property. Our treatment is a combination of botanical control products that are much safer for children and pets, so you can continue your outdoor activities without risk of adverse effects!

Tell me more about your Mosquito Control Program!

Feel free to call Dave at 402-612-1527 or use the contact form to drop us a line! Remember to check out our Mosquito Control Program page for additional information!

5 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care You’ll Want to Know About

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May 20, 2016
organic lawn care benefits

5 Benefits of Organic Lawn Care You’ll Want to Know About

You hear it all the time: organic is better. But why? Obviously there are a plethora of benefits to using organic lawn care products on your lawn. But these 5 are ones we think are most important in helping you decide on moving toward organic lawn care from Paradise Lawns! read more →