what does organic lawn care mean

Hey, Dave! What does organic lawn care mean, exactly?

As we are moving through lawn care season, people have been asking us, “What does organic lawn care mean, exactly?” We thought it was a good time to fully explain what organic lawn care is and why we heavily promote it here at Paradise Lawns!

“Organic” defined

We can easily surf the web for a definition, but we can see why it needs a little more explanation. Dictionary.com defines organic as “a substance, as a fertilizer or pesticide, of animal or vegetable origin.”

What “organic” isn’t

It might be easier to explain what organic lawn care is not. Traditional lawn care often uses chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides that are man-made and often have long-lasting harmful effects on both our lawns, our family and pets, and our environment. Run-off from synthetic lawn chemicals makes its way into our sewer systems, which is released into the environment. Often times, these synthetic chemicals kill the “good” insects that prey on the more bothersome insects.

What using “organic” means

So what does organic lawn care mean at Paradise Lawns? When we use organic lawn care, we avoid applying any synthetic chemicals on your yard. Instead, the organic lawn care fertilizers and pesticides we use are derived from natural products like plants. Using natural products to care for your lawn means no risky side effects for you, your family, your pets, or the environment! When you go organic with Paradise Lawns’ organic lawn care program, you’re reducing the amount of potentially dangerous chemicals being released into our environment.

What’s more: you’re actually adding good nutrients back into the soil that stabilize soil pH levels and actually increase healthy, necessary microbial activity. The Soil Association believes that “Organic means working with nature, not against it. It means […] lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilizers.” In lawns, this means richer soil for your grass to thrive in. The end result? You’ll have a lusher, greener lawn that naturally resists bad insects and is easier to maintain in the long-run.

It’s never too late to go organic

You can always move toward an all organic lawn care program with Paradise Lawns! The cost of going organic isn’t as costly as you might think it is, either. Contact Dave today for more information on how you can upgrade your current lawn care maintenance program to organic!