omaha lawn care tips

All things considered, we had a pretty awesome summer in terms of weather. Your children probably had a great time running through the sprinklers, rolling around in the grass and doing cartwheels, and playing fetch with the dog. While this is great for your children (and your pets!), your lawn needs some love so that it can spread its roots and gain its strength for the winter months. That “love” it needs includes aeration, overseeding, and topdressing.

You can to do these 3 fall lawn routines to keep your lawn looking at its best.

1. Fall is the best time to aerate your lawn so that your grass can heal.

Aeration involves a piece of mechanical equipment called a core aerator that removes plugs of grass and dirt so that fresh air, water, and fertilizer can reach the grass down to its roots. The process of core aeration enhances thatch breakdown because excess thatch restricts the amount of nutrients that reach down to grass roots. Through aeration, the microbes present in the soil are left on top of your lawn in each plug that is removedand help to break down the thatch layer. The start of the fall season is the best time for lawn aeration due to the cooler air and soil temperatures. Also, less foot traffic on your lawn means that the grass can heal and look green and healthy.

2. Overseeding produces lusher, greener lawns.

The best time to overseed your lawn is right after aeration. Your lawn is ready to absorb the new grass seeds right down to its roots. The holes created by the aeration provide protection and great seed to soil contact for the new seeds, which is very important for seed germination. Paradise Lawns uses certified grass seeds in our applications. Our lawn seed is 99% pure and free of weed seeds–you will not get this with store-bought seed! Our lawn specialists will spread the seed uniformly across the lawn so that your lawn will look thicker and, when done regularly, you will have a healthy, lush green lawn that you and your neighbors will awe over!

3. Topdressing is the foundation for every healthy lawn.

Do you find yourself in awe of golf courses and wonder how they keep their grass looking so green and healthy? Topdressing has been used in the golf industry for decades! Topdressing helps keep the moisture in for the new seedlings- it works well together with our lawn aeration and overseeding services. Topdressing reduces lawn stresses, helps keep thatch under control, and acts as a long-term natural fertilizer. Topdressing can give you the lush, greener lawn that you have been dreaming about!

*Of note: topdressing can be detrimental to the lawn if not done properly! Always contact a professional like Paradise Lawns for this service before attempting to do it on your own.

What you do this fall can affect your grass next summer!

Our certified organic lawn care services in Omaha mean a safe and healthy lawn for your kids, pets, and the environment!

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