4 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter

December 3, 2023
Meagan Duffy
4 Tips To Prepare Your Lawn for the Winter

As the chilly season approaches, a homeowner’s mind starts to think about how they can prepare their lawn to survive harsh winter conditions. Although the lawn may look dormant, it’s slowly recovering from the summer heat and preparing to enter a dormant state throughout the winter.

The right lawn preparation can help keep the lawn healthy and ready for the spring. Consider these four tips to prepare your lawn for the winter season.

Give Your Lawn a Final Mow Before Winter

As winter approaches, your lawn’s growth cycle slows down significantly, so you may want to give it an early mow. It isn’t necessary to mow your lawn, but it can help to keep the grass at an even length throughout the season. Cut the grass short, but don’t scalp the lawn. Scalping can leave the lawn open to disease and pests.

Aerate the Soil

As the ground starts to freeze, your lawn will become compacted, and air circulation becomes restricted, making it difficult for grass to grow. Aeration punches small holes throughout your lawn, allowing oxygen, water, and nutrients to circulate better. Aerating your lawn before winter can reduce soil compaction, thus promoting a healthy root system.


Although cold weather can impact growth, the soil remains alive and active. During the fall, your lawn stores energy for the winter season. You can provide your lawn with the necessary nutrients to ensure a healthy start in spring by fertilizing in late fall or early winter. Be sure to select a slow-release fertilizer so the lawn doesn’t have an excess of nutrients to deal with at one time.

Rake Up Leaves

Leaves can pile up and suffocate the grass, creating a breeding ground for pests. We recommend mulching your leaves with the mower in the fall to return nutrients to the soil. But raking up any leaves and debris in your yard during the fall season is essential if the leaves are too thick to mulch. By getting rid of dead grass, leaves, and other debris, you are providing your lawn with the necessary breathing room it needs for healthy growth.

As a homeowner, taking care of your lawn throughout the year is critical. Winter may seem like a time when you can take a break, but preserving the health of your lawn is vital to ensure its green hue returns in spring. Following these four tips to prepare your lawn for the winter season can make all the difference. By providing your lawn with the proper care and nutrients, you can ensure a healthy lawn year-round.

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