4 Warning Signs Your Lawn Needs To Be Aerated

August 9, 2023
Meagan Duffy

4 Warning Signs Your Lawn Needs To Be Aerated

Aerating your lawn is an important part of keeping your yard as healthy and good looking as possible. Your plants need quality dirt to take in water and nutrients. Aeration helps create good dirt by breaking apart the soil so that water and air can move as necessary. If you’re worried about your yard, read about some of the warning signs your lawn needs aeration.

Thinner Grass

One of the clearest signs you need to aerate your lawn is thinning grass. Grass needs a good supply of water to stay thick and healthy, which is why good lawns use aeration. If you notice your grass is getting thin, take some time to investigate the dirt to determine if you need to aerate.

Bad Water Drainage

Aeration helps water flow into the ground and to your plants, aiding them in growth and preventing water buildup. If you notice water gathering in your lawn without draining, then you may need aeration. Packed dirt and soil will prevent water drainage, but aeration will help fix this.

Dry Soil

Packed soil has a difficult time absorbing water, as the water has nowhere to go when it sits on the dirt. This means that your soil will dry out quickly, becoming inhospitable to grass, as the roots don’t get the water they need from the soil. If you notice a consistent trend of dry soil, you should hire a lawn aeration service to help your lawn.

Discolored Areas

Another sign that your lawn needs good aeration is that you have some discolored areas in your yard. Green grass is healthy grass. Any other color normally means your grass lacks the proper nutrients or water to survive. Good lawn care and regular fall aeration can help turn those brown and yellow spots back into lush green ones.

Aeration is an important service and part of lawn care. It helps the plants and grass get the nutrients in the soil and allows water and air to flow freely in the ground. This should be a regular part of your lawn care routine in the fall if you want to have the greenest grass possible and a healthy lawn for years to come.

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