5 insane but true facts about holiday lighting

November 19, 2020
Dave Wyman

Omaha holiday lighting installers can have fun, too!

We’ve been responsible for lighting up Omaha neighborhoods since 1999 and we think these bright, twinkling lights are one of the best parts of the Holiday season! Driving to look at Holiday lights is a well-preserved tradition for some families and now, during a worldwide pandemic, we certainly could use more joy in our lives! If you’re thinking you want to help light up your neighborhood, now is the time to begin the design process with our team of professional Omaha holiday lighting installers. We’ll help with all stages of the lighting process from sales to maintenance (we’ll climb on your roof so you don’t have to!) and takedown to storage. All business aside, let’s put more joy back in our lives as we head toward the new year. Read these 5 insane facts about Christmas lights and let us know what surprised you the most!

  1. In 1856, President Franklin Pierce decorated the White House Christmas Tree with candles! (Yikes—huge fire hazard!) But back then, electric lights were very expensive. Fortunately, people were waiting around with buckets of water and sand in case a fire started…but we all know that accidents happen! This led a group of insurance companies to put a clause in their policies that they weren’t going to pay for fires caused by Christmas Trees.
  2. The tradition of touring to look at holiday lights in the US is called the “Tacky Light Tour.” Remember, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?
  3. Christmas lights are also referred to as twinkle lights or fairy lights.
  4. During World War II, outdoor Christmas trees remained unlit because of blackout regulations.
  5. Good things don’t last long. Sales for string lights plummeted in 1966 as the silver aluminum tree became popular. You can’t use electric lights on aluminum!

Ready to hire professional Omaha holiday lighting installers?

To learn more about what’s included in our Omaha holiday light installation services, visit our blog post on our custom holiday lighting packages. If you’re ready to talk installation, contact us today!

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