7 Common Fertilizer Mistakes Homeowners Make

February 23, 2023
Meagan Duffy

7 Common Fertilizer Mistakes Homeowners Make Understanding the methods and equipping oneself with the tools most gardeners and landscapers use can give us insight into how they keep their lawns so immaculate year-round. Additionally, you should know and avoid seven common fertilizer mistakes homeowners often make. Discover them below!

Mismanaging Their Water

You’ll be in trouble if you’re not properly irrigating your lawn. Anything you attempt to grow will suffer from dehydration and rampant pests without the right amount of water. However, overwatering your plants and lawn will encourage mold and fungus growth. Research the amounts of water your plants need and create a watering schedule that adheres to your calculations.

Poor Timing When Feeding

If you’re constantly feeding your lawn and garden, you’ll surely kill them off. Wait until your vegetation shows the signs and symptoms of hunger to feed them. If the leaves are wilting or a different shade of green, it might be time to feed them. Also note that it is better to spoon feed (slowly) your lawn and garden throughout the season rather than using large amounts of fertilizer just a few times.

Not Testing the Soil

If you test your soil, you’ll know exactly what is in it and your soil pH level. You need to know the composition of what’s in your soil to justify what it needs when feeding your plants and grass. Some fertilizers and soil amendments have specific ingredients, meaning they only focus on one growth aspect. And knowing your soil pH allows you to adjust the level as needed for optimum growth.

Using an Inappropriate Fertilizer

The wrong chemical mixture could kill everything you’ve worked so hard to grow. Or it may feed some plants and kill others. It’s important to know what you’re giving your plants and lawn. Some fertilizers are liquid and fast acting while others are granular and slow release. Your unique situation will determine which type of fertilizer works best.

Overdoing It

If you’re feeding your greenery weekly, it may be too much for the plants to handle. You’ll know this by the way they react once you get them established. Try to space out this process so the soil can dry completely before each feeding. Doing so will more accurately inform you that it’s time to spread more fertilizer or inform you to wait.

Not Treating for Pests

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid is not treating your lawn for pests. If done infrequently and at the wrong time seasonally, you can say goodbye to your lawn and garden. Certain pests respond better to specific treatments and applying at the wrong time can be ineffective and a waste of money. When left untreated, pests can be a nuisance and will keep you from enjoying your lawn and landscaping when it’s at its fullest.

Lacking Consistency

The main thing to remember is to get on a schedule and stick to it when growing anything. Most plants will tolerate specific feeding at certain times consistently. Over time, your plants will respond to this and grow successfully. You can always hire a pet-safe lawn service to fulfill your needs and avoid these mistakes. These are the seven common fertilizer mistakes every homeowner makes and how to avoid them. Make sure you’re following this guide for the best results.

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