Creating Your Winter Wonderland

October 19, 2016
Dave Wyman

Creating Your Winter Wonderland with Holiday Lighting

Some might say it’s too early to start thinking about holiday lights, but if you want to create a stunning display, you need to start planning now! It’s time to start considering what kind of lights you want, where you want to place them, and how to form a cohesive design with these choices. We can help with these decisions or–better yet–we can implement your plans for you!

Types of Holiday Lighting

We offer several types of holiday lighting. If you are just looking for simple, elegant strings of lights, the traditional C-9 lights may be your best option. However, if you would like to add other festive shapes, such as snowflakes, candy canes, icicles, holly, and more, Linkables® by Brite Ideas Decorating are a great choice. And don’t forget about your yard! We can create the scene you envision with our lit sculptures. You can mix and match these holiday lights to make a spectacular winter wonderland! Click here for more information on our Holiday Lighting service.

Location, Location, Location

Wherever you want your lights–whether that is along the roofline, on top of the house, in trees, or on the ground–we can make it happen. When planning your lighting layout, it’s important to consider how it will all appear from the street. Smaller ornaments or wreaths may appear cluttered from far away. Most importantly–don’t waste electricity by lighting up areas that no one will ever see.

As you contemplate where to place your lights, consider these areas:

  • In the greenery. Placing lights on trees, bushes, and hedges can create an enchanted, fairyland-like atmosphere. You can also put lights in or around planters or windows boxes, which are often emptier in the winter.
  • On the roofline. Outlining the roof and eaves is a classic holiday lighting technique. In addition to strings of lights, you can also take advantage of the space to display snowflakes, starbursts, or any other shapes that you choose.
  • Lining pathways. The clean lines of driveways and walkways are ideal for illumination. Lighting up your walkways also helps guests navigate safely to your door.
  • On or around architectural features. Framing windows and doors with lights is another common lighting technique. If you have pillars, deck railings, trellises, or posts, wrapping lights around them can transform your home into a wonderland palace.
  • In the yard. The yard is the perfect place to display nativity scenes or other festive sculptures.

You will need to carefully consider where you want to place your lights and what kind of placement fits your home best. Fortunately, we’re here to help!

Creating a Design

If you already have your own design, we can certainly turn it into a reality. If you need assistance in creating the perfect festive design for your home, we can help there, too! No one wants their holiday lighting to appear haphazard. We take the time to carefully analyze your home’s exterior and landscaping, discuss your vision, and create a precise and elegant holiday lighting design that is customized for your home.

We Do It All!

We can do everything, from design and installation to maintenance, takedown, and even storage. Our use of automated timers completes this effortless experience for you. As members of the AHDA (American Holiday Decorators Association), we are dedicated to providing an exceptional holiday lighting experience for you.

Use our Contact Form or call Dave at 402-612-1527 to get started on your winter wonderland today!

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  1. Amy Kirkpatrick

    I would be interested in getting a quote to put lights up on the house for the Christmas holiday. 18*** Leavenworth Street. Elkhorn NE 68022.

    • Dave Wyman

      Hi Amy, thanks for asking. I will be in touch shortly to get more specifics from you and see exactly what you would like to do.


  2. Theresa Fickel

    I would like to get a quote for putting lights on my home. Do you have lights to choose from?

    • Dave Wyman

      Hi Theresa, thanks for checking into our Holiday Lighting services! We do have lights to choose from, I will contact you shortly at the email listed.



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