Fall Aeration: a breath of fresh air for your lawn

September 26, 2019
Dave Wyman
Fall Aeration: a breath of fresh air for your lawn

Your lawn is a living, breathing part of our planet

When life gets busy, it can be easy to forget that your lawn is a living, breathing part of our planet. “Many organisms inhabit soil: bacteria, fungi, algae, invertebrates (insects, nematodes, slugs, earthworms) and vertebrates (moles, mice, gophers).“ There is an entire world below your feet. Don’t let compacted soil choke your lawn this fall. Help it breathe with aeration

Be the Best Lawn Landlord on your block

A whole world below your feet

It’s time to look at your lawn with fresh eyes and learn how you can become the Best Lawn Landlord on your block. Organisms living in your soil want elbow room to grow and thrive. They don’t do well in hard, compacted soil. “Soil compaction occurs when soil particles are pressed together, reducing pore space between them. Compaction makes it hard for turf-grass to take root and establish. When soil is dry, cracks on the surface can form. These cracks are ideal places for airborne weeds. As weeds take purchase and grow, the turf-grass, with an already stunted root system due to compacted soil, is unable to crowd out the weeds.  Instead, help your turf-grass grow strong and prevent weeds from overtaking your property through aeration. Here’s how it will help.

Keep your lawn from choking – aerate

Aeration Machine

Lawn aeration is the mechanical process of removing small plugs of grass and dirt from your lawn with a core aerator. Air pockets appear where the plugs of soil are removed. These air pockets allow oxygen and water to penetrate below the surface.  The holes created provide no resistance for the grass roots to grow and spread. The result is a stronger and healthier root system and a healthy, lush, green grass.

As a bonus, when moisture is introduced to newly aerated soil, the water can penetrate into the soil. Aerating also helps with runoff and puddling problems. Since aeration helps reduce soil compaction, it will allow water to drain more easily into the ground.

What’s next

You aerated and now your lawn can breathe again! Congratulations on being the Best Lawn Landlord! Now it is time to help your turf-grass welcome new neighbors to the lawn through a recommended treatment called overseeding. Our lawn specialists spread seed uniformly across the lawn at a rate of 2 pounds of grass seed per 1,000 square feet. This will help to thicken the lawn and fill in bare spots. The seeds take root and fill in spaces created through the aeration process. We only use certified seed. These new grass seeds are continually being improved to resist disease, insects and improve drought tolerance.

grass seed with a certified stamp

As the Best Lawn Landlord on your block, you have done much to make your lawn inhabitants happy through aeration and overseeding. But there is another thing you can do to help your lawn thrive. It is known as Topdressing with Compost. Topdressing can improve soil biology by adding organic matter and the beneficial microorganisms of compost. Soil structure and drainage can be modified by topdressing and doing so regularly can smooth out bumps caused by worm castings and encourage a dense, lush lawn. Topdressing reduces lawn stress, helps keep thatch under control and acts as a long-term natural fertilizer.  

hand holding compost

If you are ready to be the Best Lawn Landlord on your block and have a living, breathing lawn that is happy and healthy, call Dave at 402-612-1527 or click to schedule your fall aeration, overseeding and topdressing with compost treatments this fall. 

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