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How a Lawn Care Service Can Help You Get Greener Grass

September 28, 2022
Meagan Duffy
How a Lawn Care Service Can Help You Get Greener Grass

There may not be a scoreboard that keeps tabs on everything, but the competition of having the greenest grass in your neighborhood is a never-ending battle. Learn how a lawn care service can help you get greener grass if you want to call in the reinforcements.

They Have the Best Equipment

A lawn care service can turn your dry yard into a thriving green lawn because they have the best equipment to do the job. And not only do lawn care services have the best equipment, but they also know how to properly use it to maximize their potential.

Whether it is a fertilizer spreader, weed or pest control spray tank, or a lawn core aerator, be assured that commercial equipment is better. And naturally, having better equipment is going to provide better results on your lawn when used by a professional lawn care service.

They Know What Fertilizer To Use

Fertilizing is integral for getting greener grass. However, doing this by yourself can be an enormous hassle. Fertilizing requires a strict schedule because doing it too often or applying too much will kill your grass. Secondly, knowing the correct product to use for your grass may not be part of your knowledge base or something you even want to spend time learning about. Fortunately, the expertise of a lawn care service guarantees your lawn is getting the nourishment it needs.

They Effectively Kill Weeds & Bugs

Weeds and insects are as welcoming on your lawn as a surprise visit from your in-laws. And they can pop up out of nowhere. A yard full of weeds and crabgrass is as much of an eyesore as it is a pain to remove yourself.

Unless you want to sneak in a squats workout, you’re better off letting the professionals get rid of them. Furthermore, a professional will know what herbicide to apply to ensure they don’t make an unwanted return. Likewise, lawn care specialists have the best equipment and materials to rid your yard of those small insects that create big problems. And we can all agree that nobody wants those kinds of big problems!

They Can Aerate Your Lawn

If you have kids that play on the lawn every day, or you enjoy entertaining outside, your lawn needs a refresher from a busy or hectic season. One way you can treat it is aeration, which reinvigorates its roots by letting your yard breathe.

Instead of buying or renting the equipment, call Paradise Lawns. We’re the best in town for lawn care in Omaha. Sit back, relax, and allow a professional lawn care service to help you get greener grass. Call us today and receive an instant quote, $50 off the first application, and a free soil test. Your yard will thank you.

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