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How Is Organic Lawn Care Safe for Pets and Kids?

October 25, 2022
Meagan Duffy
How Is Organic Lawn Care Safe for Pets and Kids?

We do everything we can to protect our children and furry friends. But one thing we may overlook is what we’re doing to the yard they play in. Understanding how organic lawn care is safe for pets and kids helps you realize that this is the best strategy to make everyone happy and healthy, including your grass.  

How Organic Lawn Care Differs 

Organic lawn care is a popular choice since it’s more ecologically friendly. Working with natural resources will make Mother Nature much happier than the synthetic materials you’ll get from traditional lawn care. 

Organic lawn care aims to improve the soil composition of the lawn over time, which typically takes two to three years, on average. By improving the soil chemistry, the lawn will grow a stronger root system and richer, thicker grass, allowing it to squeeze out weeds naturally. Over time, the improved soil will help reduce the necessity for numerous weed control solutions. 

Because a simple organic treatment does not include synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, your yard may not become green as soon as it would with artificial fertilizer. Organic herbicides are effective in controlling weeds but may not be as rapid or long-lasting as synthetic herbicides. 

Benefits of Organic Lawn Care 

Your yard benefits from organic lawn care in various ways, but it mostly comes down to the fact that organic treatments contain materials that have an abundance of micronutrients. The biodegradable nutrients boost the soil’s immune system, making it less susceptible to insects and grass-killing diseases.   

Additionally, you may have stumbled upon a CEC figure if you’ve ever had your soil analyzed. CEC stands for “cation exchange capacity” and measures your soil’s ability to store nutrients, such as potassium. Grounds with elevated CEC contain more negative charges, which aid in preserving positive ions. Simply put, organic fertilizers include a high concentration of negatively charged ions, which increases the soil’s ability to retain nutrients. 

Most soil bacteria thrive with organic lawn fertilizer, particularly during the summer. The increased beneficial bacteria populations break down the nutrients, providing the grasses with much-needed nitrogen. Because of the decreased nutritional concentration, it is more difficult to mistakenly overfeed your lawn, accidentally turning your lush lawn into a barren wasteland. And we think that is pretty important and are confident you’d probably agree! 

Proper Precautions  

Organic lawn fertilizers are a great option for individuals who wish to avoid using toxic pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals on their lawns, particularly if they have children or pets. But are they safe? 

Organic lawn materials are less dangerous to animals than nonorganic alternatives, but they still carry certain concerns. Many natural lawn fertilizers include components such as bone and blood meal, which, if ingested, may induce poisoning. Fertilizer poisoning in pets is like food poisoning in humans, so if they display any of those symptoms, you might need to take them to the vet.  

Overall, organic lawn care materials are much safer than the alternatives, but the best practice is to wait 24 hours or until a liquid application is dry before you let your pets freely roam their stomping grounds.  

Is organic lawn care safe for pets and kids? This overview demonstrates that it’s a safer way to amend your soil than using the harmful chemicals in synthetic fertilizers. Paradise Lawns is your source for the best organic lawn care in Omaha. We will supply your lawn with the best nutrients it needs to thrive while reducing the dangers your children and pets could face. 

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