Summer Swarm

You are enjoying a nice summer evening outside with family and friends. Suddenly, you are overcome with swarms of flying gnats. What you have encountered is called a male mating “cloud.” Basically, this is when male gnats fly in a cluster around dusk each night looking for love. Clearly you are not a female gnat, so why bother you? They are attracted to your body temperature, odor and sweat. Also, they tend to fly towards your eyes and mouth because they are drawn to the moisture. They ruin your fun, but placing bug zappers around your yard won’t help, since gnats are not attracted to light.

Nuisance or Danger?

The term “gnat” is more of a broad term than a scientific name for these small, flying insects. Males typically don’t bite, but females feed on blood. So, if a swarm includes female gnats, you may experience bites. Usually, this is nothing more than an irritation, however they may potentially transmit diseases such as “meningitis, some types of encephalitis and the West Nile virus.”  


A Gnat’s Life – A Short Story


The life story of a gnat is a short one. The average lifespan of a gnat is only around four months. During that time, females can lay up to 1,000 eggs. Some species lay their eggs in sources of water or where there is wet organic matter. Others prefer to lay eggs just below the surface of damp soil. If you have ever had gnats around an indoor potted plant, larvae are most likely just below the soil surface. This is common when potted plants are over-watered. With the rain that we have recently experienced, our well saturated lawns are currently the optimum environment for gnats to reproduce.

After eggs hatch, the gnat larvae eat the plants and their roots. Large concentrations of larvae feed “on the roots and stems of the plants, causing spotting, curling or plant death.” Even if your landscape isn’t destroyed completely, you may see signs of damage through stunted plant growth. Look for signs while doing routine lawn care.

We Are Here to Help You Enjoy Your Backyard Again

Paradise Lawns can help! We use an all-natural insect control product that is made with 100% organic ingredients. Five liquid applications blanket your entire lawn every 4-6 weeks. This ensures season-long insect control. Not only does the spray application control insects immediately upon contact, it continues to provide repellent control.

Although we are unable guarantee complete elimination with all nuisance pests in your yard due to many factors such as neighboring yard conditions, we are confident that our process will greatly reduce contact with nuisance insects. This means reduced health risks that insect contact may present. In addition to gnats, our treatment also works on ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, aphids, centipedes, cinch bugs, earwigs, millipedes, mites, spiders, whiteflies and other nuisance insects! Call Paradise Lawns today and let us help you safely enjoy summer evenings outside in your yard this summer.



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