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Is it time to hire out your Christmas light installation?

October 31, 2018
Dave Wyman

Don’t get your tinsel in a tangle! Paradise Lawns will relieve you from the hassle of holiday light installation during the cold of this busy holiday season!

You love the spirit of the holiday season but it is exceptionally busy. You’re too busy calling relatives, attending your youngest child’s seasonal school play, or reminding your oldest son or daughter to come home for the holidays. It might be the right time to consider hiring out an Omaha Christmas light installation company! Paradise Lawns will save you time and effort by installing your outdoor holiday lights. We keep your holiday lights looking perfect all through the season!

Custom design and professional holiday light installation

Save yourself time and the safety required to install holiday lights by letting professionals like Paradise Lawns take care of the work for you. We have been decorating homes for the holidays in the Omaha area since 1999 and have many satisfied and loyal customers still with us today! We take your landscaping into consideration and create a custom design to make your home’s holiday lights the awe of the neighborhood.

Did you know? Paradise Lawns can also store your holiday lights during the off-season! We store lights in a secured facility and they are covered by our insurance.

Professional grade lights

Paradise Lawns has a high standard of quality in lawn care and holiday lighting, so we have selectively chosen to be a distributor for three different holiday lighting companies. Paradise Lawns is a distributor for Brite IdeasHolidynamics, and Holiday Bright Lights. This means you have access to about any lighting options that you have seen around town…as well as anything you haven’t seen, too! The possibilities are endless when you hire Paradise Lawns to install your holiday lights. As a member of the American Holiday Decorators Association, we pride ourselves on installing your holiday lights right the first time. You can rest peacefully at night knowing your lights are inspected and secured tight, your electrical load is balanced, and that the seasonal lights look exceptional for when your in-laws visit. ?

The Paradise Lawns holiday lighting installation advantage

Our holiday lighting installation package includes the purchase and installation of custom-fit and designed lighting for your specific home. Our experienced installation crew sets them up on timers so your holiday lights turn on and off at the perfect time. We also maintain the lights and remove them at the end of the season. We store them in a secured facility that we have insured so your Christmas lights are safe and secure.

This is all ONE package! All you have to do is simply enjoy the lights–we do everything else! The benefits for you is that we take care of everything from start to finish. Don’t know what you want? We have online catalogs available so you can find the perfect lighting for your home! The other more important benefit is the safety factor. No one in your home is attempting to climb a ladder or roof when you hire Paradise Lawns to install your holiday lighting. Our experienced crew takes the guesswork and danger out of your holiday light installation!

Do you install my own Christmas lights?

We do not reinstall your existing holiday lighting. Because of safety and efficiency, it’s not feasible for us to work with so many different types of holiday lights. We only take on clients who are purchasing professional-grade lighting through us that is made to last many years. Once you purchase these new holiday lights, you would own the new lights.

You want quality holiday lighting, and we’ve got the experience!

Learn more about our Omaha holiday lighting services here. Ready to get on our schedule? Contact Dave today to start discussing your holiday light display and get on our schedule. With a list of many return customers, we do have a few spots available for new holiday lights installations. Contact us today before our remaining spots fill up!

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