Say “Yes!” to Exterior Holiday Lighting

November 22, 2019
Dave Wyman

Did your childhood include exterior holiday lighting?

As kids, my friend and I loved looking at houses decorated with holiday lights. My friend’s house, however, looked more like the Grinch lived there. Not a cheerful light in sight and a father that wouldn’t budge. I was reminded of my friend’s lack of holiday lighting recently at a social gathering when someone brought up the topic of childhood experiences with Christmas decorations. It turns out to be a pretty common experience. Here are some reasons given by parents (and spouses) for not putting up lights during the holiday season.  

Common objections to exterior holiday lighting

Exterior holiday lighting
The first category of objections often contain concerns about putting lights up before the holidays.

Too dangerous. If only there was a way to put up lights and stay on the ground.

Good news! Paradise Lawns can hang your holiday lights. We have been decorating homes in the Omaha area since 1999. Our employees are thoroughly trained to install Christmas lights on the ground, in trees and bushes, and even on top of your home or office. We offer many LED lighting options including traditional C-9, snowflakes, and icicles just to name a few. 

Too time consuming. If only there was a way to hang lights without it taking up any of my time.

When you hire Paradise Lawns to take care of your exterior holiday lighting needs, you save time. Use this time to deck the halls, go shopping or kick back and watch the game.

Must put them up so early to catch good weather. I don’t want to think about Christmas in September! If only someone else put them up and I didn’t have to think about when it was happening.

Our Lighting Technicians love warm, fall weather just like you. However, we are trained to work in many weather conditions. Let us take care of the work for you. Don’t cancel plans on a beautiful fall weekend out of fear it may be the last chance you have to put up lights.

 Concerns about expense

The second category is about money and expense.  

Costs too much – The electricity bill will be too high. If only I could have the latest energy efficient lights instead of these old ones that consume too much energy.

There are a wide variety of holiday lighting options to choose from these days. As fellow homeowners, we understand that you want the most efficient lighting available on the market today. We will work with you to figure out the best design and lighting technology, so you won’t panic when the power bill arrives.

Who wants to spend money on lights and have the same look every year? If only I didn’t have to commit to one style or the same set of lights year-after-year.

As a Brite Ideas distributor, we have access to high-quality lighting options for your home or business. Depending on your unique vision and style, we can provide custom lighting. We also help you customize the perfect look for your house each year and offer a variety of lit sculptures to create a unique scene on your lawn. You can also add on to your existing display year after year to keep it unique.


Concerns after the holidays

Exterior holiday lights

The third category is about removing exterior holiday lighting after the holidays.

Storage takes up too much space and they get tangled easily. If only I had somewhere else to store them so that they aren’t in the way the rest of the year.

You’re in luck! Paradise Lawns will return to take down your decorations and store them in our secured facility until the next year. What will you do with the extra storage space in your garage? Maybe it’s time to add that power tool or kegerator you have been eyeballing to your wish list.

It’s too much hassle to take them down. If only I didn’t have to climb up on the roof in the winter to remove them.

Paradise Lawns has you covered. We not only decorate, but we return after the holidays to take down the lights. We are members of the American Holiday Decorators Association and the Better Business Bureau. This means that you can rest assured that our lighting technicians are safety-trained professionals.


Break the anti-holiday lighting cycle

Exterior holiday lighting

Do you have anything to add to the list? Are you still fighting the battle with a spouse or parent? Paradise Lawns is here to help everyone in your family this holiday season. Call Dave at 402-612-1527 or click to contact us and find out more. We want to share the joy and magic that holiday lights provide. You can even gift our exterior holiday lighting services as an early holiday present to your loved one and take the work and worry out of enjoying holiday lighting this season for them too!

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