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May 23, 2019
Dave Wyman
omaha topdressing

Topdressing with Compost – Go Above and Beyond Basic Lawn Care

What is Topdressing?

Despite being used in the golf course industry for decades, topdressing has been slow to gain acceptance in the residential lawn care arena until recently. Simply stated, topdressing with compost is the act of applying organic matter to your lawn’s surface. By doing so, you are feeding your lawn the nutrients found in compost.

Topdressing Benefits

Adding organic matter to a lawn by topdressing with compost is the most beneficial cultural practice lawn care has to offer. One major benefit is soil amendment. Nutrients from the applied compost introduce beneficial microorganisms and improve your soil’s biology. In addition, soil structure and drainage can be modified with topdressing. By applying topdressing applications regularly, you can encourage a dense, lush lawn to grow. Topdressing reduces lawn stress, helps keep thatch under control, and acts as a long-term natural fertilizer.

Topdressing also:

  • Improves soil biology
  • Encourages a dense, lush lawn
  • Reduces lawn stress
  • Keeps thatch under control
  • Acts as a long-term fertilizer

Who Should Topdress?

Everyone with a lawn. Seriously, if you asked a group of lawn care professionals what the most effective process in developing a stellar lawn is, all of them would give an answer that involved some type of compost topdressing. The benefits of Omaha topdressing are so numerous, it really should be the foundation for every lawn care program.

How Omaha Topdressing is Applied

Organic matter (compost) is applied to your lawn’s surface in an even layer. This can be applied as a single application at any time. It also works great in conjunction with aeration and overseeding. When topdressing is added after overseeding, it will act as a protection barrier of sorts while the new seeds develop and grow. Aerating prior to topdressing allows the compost to be intermixed into the soil gaps created by aeration. This helps the nutrients penetrate past the surface, while still providing the soil below with air pockets and moisture access that are desired with aeration.

Compared to adding fertilizer alone, applying topdressing is more labor intensive and therefore more costly. However, budgeting a bit more to have a healthy, thriving lawn is worth it when you consider the many benefits beyond the lush lawn you see on the surface. Not only will topdressing with compost leave your lawn looking great, but it will leave it feeling great too.

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