Our top 3 fall lawn care recommendations

September 7, 2017
Dave Wyman

Paradise Lawns’ Top 3 Fall Lawn Care Recommendations

With the cooler temperatures hitting the Omaha metro, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare your lawn for the winter. This time of year, we’re often asked what we recommend for Omaha metro lawns in terms of fall lawn care. Let’s explore our top 3 fall lawn care recommendations for the Omaha metro.

1. Aeration

Before the weather turns too cold, lawn aeration is extremely beneficial for your lawn. Kids and pets trample your lawn, as do weekly mowing and other natural factors. Since you can’t keep children and animals off of your lawn, regular aeration is the best option. Creating these lawn “holes” allows your grass roots a way to spread in more healthy directions. This process then results in a stronger, lusher lawn for the next season.

2. Overseeding

Our next fall lawn care recommendation is overseeding. The process of overseeding in the fall allows for cooler nights and mild, shorter days that are ideal for seed germination and providing new growth for the spring. Adding new grass seed to your lawn on a regular basis allows for better disease resistance and can often improve drought tolerance. There are many new “super seeds” being developed, so the opportunity for producing lusher, greener lawns is easier in the harshest of conditions.

3. Topdressing with Compost

Our third fall lawn care recommendation is topdressing. The topdressing process involves adding compost soil to your lawn to help its overall health. If you’ve been experiencing unevenness in your lawn or bare spots, topdressing can certainly help to even it out and bring it back to life. At Paradise Lawns, we use organic topdressing, so you can rest assured that your family and pets will be safe, too. (You can read more about it on our Topdressing blog post!)

Why these three fall lawn care recommendations?

While you can choose to have any of these three lawn care services done to your lawn, we recommend the three of them in conjunction with one another. The aeration allows for holes to help current grass expand, overseeding uses these holes to germinate new grass, and topdressing provides a fresh layer of nutrients to make everything grow…better.

Can I still get on your fall lawn care list?

Of course! Simply email or call Dave today to be added to our fall lawn care list!

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  1. Virgil Butcher

    I would like to get a quote for these 3 services.

    • Dave Wyman

      Hi Virgil, we will have a quote emailed to you very shortly. Thanks for asking! Dave


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