Outdoor Holiday Lighting Trends: What’s Hot for This Season

February 12, 2024
Meagan Duffy

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Trends: What’s Hot for This Season

December is a special month that many people spend celebrating various holidays. One of the best ways to get into the festive spirit is by lighting up your outdoor spaces. Decorating the exterior of your home and the surrounding areas with festive lighting has become a tradition for many people. Many exciting outdoor holiday lighting trends can make your home stand out this year.

Whether you prefer the classic holiday feel or want to embrace modern trends, this season has something for everyone. Let’s look at the hottest outdoor holiday lighting trends for this season.

Colorful Displays

This year, it’s all about getting creative with lighting. Many homeowners opt for bright, vibrant, colorful lighting displays with various hues. Having colorful lights on your outdoor trees and bushes is a great way to add a fun and festive touch that makes your home stand out. Colorful LED lighting is energy-efficient and lasts longer, too.

Minimalistic and Chic

Minimalistic holiday lighting is a rising trend this season. You can bring in the holiday mood without overdoing it by choosing neutral and warm lights. Many people prefer this chic and sophisticated lighting style because it prevents a cluttered appearance. Clean lines, subtle lighting arrangements, and simple designs can elevate your home’s look and appeal.

Creative Ways To Light Up a Space

Many homeowners are choosing creative ways to light up their exterior space this year and add festive cheer. From overhead string light installations to a light-up walkway or even dramatic uplighting, there are endless possibilities for making your outdoor space shine.

Retro-Style Lights

Retro-style holiday lights have returned recently and should be a hot trend again this season. The classic oversized bulbs in bright colors have a nostalgic feel that can bring back childhood memories and add a vintage touch to your outdoor decor.

DIY Decor

DIY projects have been a hot trend in interior design for some time now, and the trend has expanded from interior to exterior design. Many homeowners are now creating their own holiday lighting displays using supplies from local retailers or online resources. There is no better way to make your home stand out than creating a unique holiday lighting display that shows off your creative talents.

This season’s trends for outdoor holiday lighting are varied, offering something for everyone. You can opt for bright and colorful displays or choose a minimalistic and chic design. With retro-style lights and the increasing popularity of DIY lighting displays, you can embrace your creativity and have fun with your outdoor holiday lighting. Whichever trend you choose, lighting up your outdoor space will bring a bit of cheer that makes your holidays more festive and memorable.

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