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Thank you for a successful holiday lighting season!

December 23, 2016
Dave Wyman

We had a very successful holiday lighting season this year for a couple reasons. We have the BEST clients around town that allow us to create awesome holiday displays for them and everyone in their neighborhood to enjoy. Our installation team really put in a lot of effort and long hours to make sure everyone was taken care of on our list. We were also fortunate to add many new clients to our existing list of holiday lighting customers and add them to the Paradise Lawns family. Although we didn’t hit our goal of new holiday lighting clients, we came very close and are very happy with those who allowed us to light up their houses this year! It was a very fast and fun season for everyone involved, and the install team is ready for a little down time to relax with their own families…until Takedown time!

Here is a sampling of the holiday lighting projects we worked on this year. If you want to get on our list for next year, simply contact us and let us know–it’s never too soon to think about plans for next year!

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