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The Advantages of Having Your Lawn Aerated

September 22, 2022
Meagan Duffy
The Advantages of Having Your Lawn Aerated

You’ve probably heard of aeration before, but you could be pondering whether it’s something worth exploring. You can put that inner debate to rest because the advantages of having your lawn aerated, as outlined below, will leave no doubt. It’s worth doing.

Dissolves Puddles

Poor drainage is a problem for many properties, resulting in muddy puddles on your lawn. Pooling water can develop if your lawn has a nonabsorbent soil composition or, in other words, is compacted. Puddles can also form if your soil is comprised of compressed clay, as water helps to maintain its plasticity. In either condition, your lawn cannot absorb and adequately use the water.

Puddles not only look and smell horrible, but they can also attract many insects. Aeration is an excellent technique to use when resolving puddle concerns because it improves your yard’s potential to take on and retain water. Water can enter the perforations from the small holes that aeration creates, enriching the soil.

Eliminates Thatch

It is normal for lawns to develop a coating of thatch underneath the lush, green grass. Thatch is a layer of dead leaves, stems, roots and other organic material that may cover the ground between the soil and the grass. Although thatch is common, it may cause significant harm if it is left unchecked and the thatch layer allowed to increase in thickness.

Thatch makes it difficult for water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the soil and reach the roots. Thatch spreads like a cloak, blocking off your soil’s exposure to everything it needs, starving your yard. Aeration will tear through the thatch, dividing it all over your yard, giving your lawn the ability to breathe and grow.

Provides Nourishment for Your Yard

Our yards are growing, developing beings that, like us, need oxygen, water, and nourishment. Lawns collect and circulate these vital components comparable to our circulatory system. Humans can enhance blood flow in their bodies in various ways, and we can do the same for our lawns by aerating them.

Essentially, you’re allowing your lawn to breathe better. Water and nutrients can circulate freely through your soil, enhancing root health dramatically and causing deeper, thicker roots to form and build stronger grass.

Fixes and Prepares Your Lawn for Next Year

Whether it’s from throwing a fun-filled barbeque, or you have children who often play football in the backyard, our yards take a beating from April through November. This level of wear and tear can expand the damage done on even the most minimally tattered lawn, requiring the utmost care to help repair it at the end of the year. Aeration is a fantastic choice for treating various issues in your yard. However, it is also quite advantageous for your yard’s general well-being, effectively prepping it to flourish come next Spring.

These advantages of having your lawn aerated prove that it’s a worthy investment that guarantees your property looks picturesque. Paradise Lawns can help turn your picture-perfect dream lawn into reality with our lawn aeration services in Omaha. Get an instant quote and a free soil test when you contact us today!

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