The Difference Between Traditional and Organic Lawn Care

February 17, 2023
Meagan Duffy

The Difference Between Traditional and Organic Lawn Care

Lawn care is ultimately a matter of expertise, opinion, and preference. However, some prefer a more natural approach to fertilization and weed control, so they might go with organic care methods, while others are comfortable with traditional ones. Both materials are readily available at your local garden center but have unique qualities that set them apart. Discover the differences between traditional and organic lawn care in the article below.

First, Consider Your Price Point

If you’re considering organic lawn care, make sure you have the pocket change for it. We impact the environment in positive and negative ways because of the way we resource our lawn care materials, which contributes to pricing. The demand for organic materials is higher due to people wanting to go green. Depending on your budget, you may want to go the traditional route, as buying organic is the more expensive option. On the other hand, if your desire to go green outweighs the price difference, organic will be the way to go.

Second, Decide Between Natural and Customized Care

The ethical choice is organic, but synthetic materials are still popular enough that many buy them in bulk at wholesale prices. If you want instant results regarding your lawn or garden, you can get them via the traditional route. However, organic lawn care might be for you if you’re looking for a gradual lawn care program that has great long-term results.

With public awareness about the environment increasing, there is less and less individual consumption of traditional lawn care methods. Garden centers and turf specialists, like our lawn care company in Omaha, would be a strong resource for you and your particular lawn care needs.

Third, Are You Improving Your Soil or Feeding Your Plants?

The difference between traditional and organic lawn care also comes down to biology. The chemical synthesis of naturally occurring resources and nutrients is common in traditional lawn care. Using these synthetics, you can alter the amounts and frequency of the speed and size of your grass and plant growth.

However, doing so seldom gives you the best, long-lasting results because it’s only a quick fix. Organic fertilizers and other materials consist of slow-releasing supplements that will balance the soil and give plants the nutrients they need without having to amend the dirt weekly or monthly.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the difference between traditional and organic lawn care, use this and other articles listed on our website as a reference. Though many options are available, only you will know what’s best for your lawn.

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