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Tick Control

One would be hard-pressed to find a tick enthusiast. Just the thought of them leave most people feeling anxious. This fear is with good reason since ticks are known transmitters of diseases. Depending on the type of tick and geographical location, diseases may include:  

closeup image of a tick

In June, the World-Herald reported that the deer tick (shown above) has been confirmed in eastern Nebraska, including Douglas, Sarpy and Saunders Counties. As a “known carrier of the bacteria that causes Lyme disease,” they recommend residents be on the lookout and exercise good tick control for deer ticks; learn the symptoms of Lyme disease and take precautions when outside.

The Life of a Tick and How They Transmit Diseases:

closeup image of a tick held in a person's hand

Ticks go through four life stages: egg, six-legged larva, eight-legged nymph and adult. They need to feed from a host at each stage. Overall, it can take up to 3 years to go through all four stages.

When a tick feeds from a diseased host, the tick is exposed through infected, ingested blood. It then transmits this disease to the next host through the saliva it secretes into the bloodstream. This saliva acts as an anesthetic to numb the skin, so that it can feed undetected. After several days of feeding, it becomes engorged and detaches. Even if discovered and removed prior to engorgement, exposure to disease is possible if the tick has attached itself.

Identifying Ticks:

closeup image of a tick on a plant outdoors

There are many different types of ticks. If you remove a tick, save it in an airtight container for identification purposes. TickSpotters.org can help you figure out what type of tick you have encountered, and the risks associated with each species. The CDC also has a geographical map showing which types are most prevalent in your area.

Don’t Panic:

pitcure of a woman on a couch hiding under some pillows after learning about tick control

It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours for a tick to find a suitable spot to feed, so you can often remove ticks before they have embedded their feeding tube (head). If it has not attached itself, you are not at risk for disease. So, taking preventative measures and doing things like conducting a thorough tick check; showering; or using a sticky lint roller over your clothing and skin help greatly.

If you find a tick after it has attached itself, remove it with a sterile, sharp tweezers and then treat the spot with rubbing alcohol. “Do not try to remove them with alcohol, essential oils, or open flames. Using these methods may cause the tick to “vomit” into you, increasing the chances of disease transmission.

Why does Paradise Lawns care about tick control?

nature shot of a fall scene with a sign that reads "hikers only"

When people think about contact with ticks, they often picture being out in the middle of nature – hiking or camping. The truth is that they may be closer than you think. Ticks can’t fly or jump, but they can position themselves anywhere there is grass, shrubs, tree branches and leaves to wait for a person or animal to brush past. Even if you don’t have overgrowth in your yard, they may hitch a ride onto your property via wildlife like squirrels and rabbits.

How to get rid of ticks…the Paradise Lawns way!

Paradise Lawns wants you to feel comfortable in your yard. We offer an all-natural insect control product made with 100% organic ingredients. By applying a blanket liquid application every 4-6 weeks for a total of 5 applications, we ensure season long control. The spray not only controls on contact but continues to provide residual repellent control.

Non-toxic tick control solutions mean that there is no waiting period to use your lawn, and that it is safe for humans and animals to enjoy your property right after a treatment application. It also means that neighborhood wildlife known for consuming ticks such as opossums, turkeys and ducks, won’t face chemical ingestion threats. Some wildlife like squirrels, mice and rabbits, may continue to carry ticks on their body into your yard, so please follow the tips listed above as a precaution. However, with our help you can have peace of mind that your risk of exposure has been greatly reduced when on your property.

Our product not only eliminates ticks, but mosquitoes, fleas, gnats, ants, aphids, centipedes, cinch bugs, earwigs, millipedes, mites, spiders, whiteflies and other nuisance insects. Call Paradise Lawns today 402-612-1527 to see how you can enjoy your summer while keeping your family safe and tick-free.

Young couple laying outside on a blanket enjoying themselves and being tick free


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