Timing your spring fertilization is vital for your lawn’s success

February 6, 2020
Dave Wyman

Timing is everything

This past Sunday, approximately 100 million people tuned in to watch the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers in the 2020 Super Bowl. Training and teamwork got them to the Super Bowl, but timing determined the winner in the end. Unless each throw, tackle or catch is timed just right, the play isn’t successful. The ability to know when the time is right is an important element in many aspects of our lives, not just when we play sports. However, it is often overlooked until failure results from poor timing. You may wonder why a lawn care company is talking about timing and the Super Bowl. Even though the two don’t seem to have much in common, both football and lawn care treatments need to be accurately timed in order to succeed. Fertilizing too early or too late may result in future problems, so timing is vital for your lawn’s success.  

Too early

Early February often means cold weather. It can feel very distant from the warmth of summer, so it is easy to forget about your lawn buried under a layer of white snow. But as we get closer to March, temperatures begin to fluctuate and signs of spring start to emerge. During these warm spells, you may begin to feel like spring has officially arrived and be tempted to start applying fertilizers and weed treatments. Warning – be careful not to take action too soon. The North Carolina Cooperative Extension states, “The goal with fertilizing the lawn is to fertilize when the grass is actively growing. In late winter and early spring you may see a little bit of green in some types of warm-season grasses, but the majority of warm-season lawns are still dormant at this time.” Applying fertilizers before it is time may lead to future problems and deter your lawn from flourishing. The type of grass seed you plant and your soil’s pH levels also play a part in pinpointing the right time to fertilize. Paradise Lawns has the tools, knowledge and experience to assess your lawn’s needs and create a customized treatment plan.   

Too late

The first blades of green grass that emerge after a long winter are always a welcome and exciting sight; until you notice the weeds sprouting alongside. Most homeowners want a plush lawn that is free of unsightly weeds. To achieve this, it is recommended that you start your fertilization and weed program before full growth is in effect. If you push off treatment until late spring/early summer, the approach will be different than starting earlier in the season. Even if you are delayed, we still recommend fertilizing your yard. Treating your lawn with nutrients will support existing grass and possibly reduce the presence of established weeds or help to keep more from growing in the future. So ideally try not to wait too long because preventative care is often more successful than taking a reactive approach. Don’t wait too long. If you can deter weed growth, while encouraging grass seed to have a strong root system, you will end up with the lush lawn you desire by summer. 


It’s Time!

Don’t guess about the best time to start fertilizing your lawn and controlling weed growth. Leave it up to Paradise Lawns. We take into consideration different elements to determine the perfect time to start treating your lawn. Soil temperature, weather patterns and evidence that grass has or will soon be coming out of its dormant stage are all factors we consider. 

Once the time is right for our 6 Step Lawn Fertilization program, we will apply treatments over a 4-6 week period. These applications are different than other lawn care companies. For example, in an effort to reduce chemicals, we don’t automatically apply grub control (can be added if needed). In addition, all of our fertilizers are either slow-release granules or specially formulated liquid applications to provide you with optimum results. Spoon-feeding of nutrients ensures a steady growth that is healthy for both your grass and its root system. The result is healthy grass with a strong root system and reduced weed growth.  

6 Step Lawn Fertilization program

  1. Pre-emergent plus extended slow-release granular fertilizer. Spot spray weeds as needed.
  2. Spot spray weeds as needed.
  3. When needed, spot spray weeds.
  4. Extended slow release granular fertilizer with iron. Spot spray weeds as needed.
  5. Spot spray weeds as needed.
  6. Winter fertilizer to promote root growth. Spot spray weeds as needed.



It’s Time to Take Action

Weather permitting, we plan to start our fertilization and weed program in March. February is the shortest month of the year, but thanks to Leap Year, we have an extra day. Don’t wait until it is too late, make the leap to schedule your Spring 2020 lawn care program early.

We offer three different programs to meet your individual needs: 

  • Professional Program (chemical/synthetic)
  • Optimized Hybrid Program (organic inputs when possible)
  • Premium Organic Program 

Call Dave at 402-612-1527 today to find out what it will take to make your lawn the Chief of your neighborhood.   

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