Top 5 Helpful Tips for a Tick-Free Summer

April 28, 2023
Meagan Duffy

Top 5 Helpful Tips for a Tick-Free Summer

Ticks can be serious issues in warmer weather as they travel over plants onto people. They can carry very nasty diseases they can infect people with by latching onto skin. That’s why you want to do everything possible to prevent ticks near you or your home. Here’s what you can do to stop ticks this summer.

Maintain Your Grass

Your lawn is a hotbed for potential tick habitats, as they love to be in grassy areas. Your best bet is to keep your yard clean and trimmed, as ticks prefer thick, tall grass. If you keep your yard pristine, ticks won’t want to live in the area if they have other options. Grass maintenance is a big part of both flea and tick control and is something you should practice regularly.

Remove Plant Piles

Your yard will slowly accumulate small piles of plant debris over time, such as bunches of leaves, weeds, or stick and branch piles. This is a perfect spot for ticks, as they love to hide in these plant piles. Do your best to clean these up regularly to prevent ticks in your yard.

Remove Plants from Pathways

Ticks like to jump up from plants onto people as they walk by. That’s why you should clear plants from any walkways or pathways you or your pets use. This will help you avoid ticks and keep your pathways looking clean at the same time.

Prevent Rodents

Rodents are quick, convenient vehicles for ticks, and they’ll hitch a ride right into your yard or home. Take preventative action to stop rodents from getting into your home and yard to help protect yourself from ticks this summer.

Wear Tick-Resistant Clothing

Loose, dark clothing does little to protect you from ticks. On the other hand, light clothing makes it easy to see these parasites if they climb onto you. Also, full-coverage clothing and closed shoes can protect you from ticks by limiting their access to your skin.

These methods will help you keep safe from ticks this summer as long as you avoid running through tall plants or other areas where ticks gather. Additionally, these steps can help improve your home’s appearance at the same time, making them worth the effort.

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