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Top Dressing Your Lawn: Benefits and Advice

January 31, 2023
Meagan Duffy

Most homeowners take great pride in their lawn and garden; because of this, they do whatever it takes to ensure it stays well-maintained and cared for. One way you can keep your lawn in its best shape is through applying top dressing 1 to 2 times every year. This process involves adding to your lawn what it lacks. Here are a few benefits of top dressing your lawn and advice to help you create and maintain the best lawn possible year after year.

Changing Your Soil Structure

Every year after the last day of frost, most vegetation grows as it did the previous year. The only thing that changes about the growth, besides the weather patterns, is the soil property. You will need to amend the soil annually to get the best possible results for your lawn. Grass and other plants strip the dirt of its nutrients as they feed on it, but others give back to the soil. For this reason, we need to supplement minerals and nutrients to keep the soil well-balanced.

Keeping Things Smooth and Refined

If you’re consistently adding top dressing to your lawn, you’ll reap the benefit of a very consistent lawn that you can be proud of. Erosion will happen naturally over time, even if your grass is thick and your yard has many plants and trees. You will need to feed these plants on a regular basis. It’s a good idea to add nutrient-rich top dressing to your yard seasonally.

Taking Stress off Your Lawn

One problem you may run into is lawn overgrowth. This growth happens when the grass becomes too thick in one area compared to other areas and develops patches. These concentrated areas can choke out everything surrounding it, leaving your yard with dense coverage in that spot and balding in areas nearby. You’ll also notice that you might have bare spots in areas without adequate water or insufficient nutrients. Investing in top dressing and lawn care services in Omaha, NE can effectively prevent these issues.

Use these benefits and advice on top dressing your lawn to your advantage. If you’re a homeowner, chances are your lawn could use tender love and care to keep it at its best.

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