A Quick Guide to Controlling Ticks in Your Yard

July 5, 2022
Meagan Duffy
A Quick Guide to Controlling Ticks in Your Yard

Some bugs, such as butterflies, can be beneficial additions to any home’s yard. Unfortunately, your yard isn’t always a Pixar movie… ticks are among the pests that are dangerous for people and pets alike. Not all families know how to react when these bugs infiltrate the yard, but, luckily, the solutions are quick and simple. This is a quick guide to controlling ticks in your yard; read on to learn how to make your home a safer place.

Know How To Spot Them

The first step toward tick control at home is learning what these bugs look like. Various tick types exist, but they will primarily be small, eight-legged bugs with a round, flat body that has a blackish, orangish hue, and a pointed mouth at the front. If you’re on the lookout for these pests in your yard, the spider-like legs and flat body are swift ways to identify them. This makes it easier to find a great solution to get rid of the intruders.

Complete Consistent Yard Upkeep

Keeping an eye out for ticks is certainly helpful, but that doesn’t mean you have to inspect every inch of the yard with a magnifying glass each morning. One convenient way to keep ticks under control is practicing good yard upkeep. We know—yard upkeep isn’t exactly a fun solution.

However, the CDC’s suggested tactics for reducing ticks in the yard include removing leaves from the ground, clearing tall grasses, and storing wood in a neat, dry place. So, ask yourself which is less fun—yard work or ticks climbing around in your grass? These simple steps will help you reduce the tick presence around your home, but our guide to controlling ticks in your yard requires one more stop—professional pest control techniques.

Contact Professional Tick Control Services

The most convenient and effective solution for tick control is to contact experts who have the training and experience to address the issues with precision. For the best results, inquire about the pest control service’s products being used because options will vary. For instance, you can use the standard chemical solutions, but organic options also exist.

At Paradise Lawns, we handle tick control in Omaha by utilizing an all-natural cedar oil product, which excels at combating these dangerous pests at home. Thanks to this organic solution, the tick population will decrease, but other beneficial bugs can still flourish throughout the year. Find your ideal tick solutions today with the help of these quick but effective tips.

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