Lawn Care Services in Elkhorn, NE

Paradise Lawns is ready to elevate the look of your lawn with organic techniques for the soil and grass. Our lawn care services in Elkhorn, NE, can include many different services that avoid dangerous chemicals entirely. We offer organic lawn care for great yard maintenance, and you can build a more personalized plan depending on your needs.

For example, our lawn aeration service gives your roots more space beneath the soil to grow. Opening up space in the soil for the grass roots ensures they won’t be compacted by everyday foot traffic. Something as simple as walking on the lawn can have a negative effect on the yard, but consistent quality maintenance ensures you can walk on your grass and keep it healthy at the same time.

Getting a picture-perfect lawn outside your home or office is not impossible. All it takes is the right level of care throughout the year. In addition to lawn care and aeration, our team also provides flea and tick control in Elkhorn. Anyone who owns a residential or commercial building deserves a way to safely combat pests. At Paradise Lawns, we understand the importance of beneficial bugs in the yard, such as earthworms or butterflies, and the annoyance of other pests such as ticks. For this reason, we provide flea and tick control services that target harmful pests but keep beneficial insects safe.

In addition to fleas and ticks, our organic yard treatments for pests can also protect your yard against non-beneficial insects such as spiders, earwigs, ants, mites, and more. We want to keep your lawn safe from as many hazards as possible, from weeds to pests. We’re also proud to offer overseeding services for anyone seeking additional ways to safely treat their lawn. Our overseeding services feature grass seeds carefully developed and tested by experts to optimize drought tolerance, pest defenses, and other beneficial characteristics. Reach out to Paradise Lawns anytime you need organic lawn care services in Elkhorn, NE.