Lawn Aeration: Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

August 24, 2022
Meagan Duffy
Lawn Aeration: Myths & Misconceptions Debunked

You might get ten different answers if you ask ten people what you should do for lawn care. Everyone has an opinion on the product and tasks you should do to better your yard. One of those jobs is aeration. We are separating fact from fiction by debunking these myths and misconceptions about lawn aeration.

“I Didn’t See Any Changes”

In a world of instant gratification, folks love to see immediate results. Some people get frustrated when they aerate their lawn and don’t see improvement immediately. When this happens, it’s common to assume aeration doesn’t do anything, but we know that isn’t the case.

Aerating your yard isn’t like weed control or fertilization. You can see the benefits of those treatments within a few days. Aeration is a part of the long game for lawn care and maintenance.

Think of your lawn as your body when you start a new fitness regimen. You will start noticing minimal improvements within the first weeks of working out. Those minimal gains are like fertilizer and other instant treatments. On the other hand, if you look at yourself six months down the road and see yourself as a chiseled Greek deity, you’ll realize that the small changes form the bigger picture—a healthier and happier you.

You can get your yard happy and healthy by aerating it.

“I Don’t Need To Do It Every Year”

Don’t fall into the line of thinking that you only need to aerate your lawn once in a blue moon. If you have pets running around or children who enjoy playing outside and aspire to become the Nebraska Husker, you should aerate the yard once a year.

We recommend aerating your lawn every fall, no matter what condition it is in. Distressed lawns will benefit, and great looking lawns will benefit from the maintainence so it doesn’t become distressed.

“Aeration Gives Me Bugs”

Sometimes, it’s good to have little critters moseying around in your soil. Living organisms like earthworms and fungi help enrich the soil they inhabit, giving you that luscious green yard. Aeration helps bring out those helpful allies to enrich the soil, ensuring your yard is healthy and green.

“I’ll Aerate When I Feel Like It”

The climate you reside in dictates when you should aerate your lawn. A “whenever I feel like it” approach is a lawn aeration myth and misconception worth debunking because it won’t be as effective if you do it at the wrong time of year. Fall is the opportune time to aerate for those in the northern part of the US because most of the troublesome weeds are dormant.

In the south, aeration should happen when the weather begins to heat up. Late spring and early summer are ideal since the heat won’t reach peak levels just yet.

In the middle part of the country where we reside, aeration depends on several factors, and that’s where we help. Paradise Lawns can be your trusted lawn aeration service, putting a plan in place to keep your yard thriving all year round. With our services, the runoff and puddle concerns will be a thing of the past, and you’ll save money on your water bill! Contact us to get an instant quote and free soil test today!

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